A quick update on Weld-OSGi.

I finally managed to get all tests - plain, incontainer, etc - to pass. :-)
(apart from that disabled LifeCycleTest, which I'm waiting on Mathieu to have a look)

This are the latest branches I've been working on
(a) Weld API: https://github.com/alesj/api/tree/osgi2
(b) AS7 OSGi: https://github.com/alesj/jboss-as/tree/osgi2
(c) Weld OSGi: https://github.com/alesj/core/tree/osgi3

* I would need a new AS7 CDI TCK Runner - 1.0.0.CR3
* if you could run this stuff against JEE6 TCK

Now the next question is how to get this into AS7?
As it's sort of a chicken-n-egg problem. :-)

We need to upgrade Weld API in AS7 + switch its impl,
but to release the impl we need to test this against latest AS7.

I guess if this manual setup from above (a, b, c) fully works,
we could tweak/hack the release of impl (Weld Core) a bit?