Issue Type: Enhancement Enhancement
Affects Versions: 2.0.0.CR4, 1.1.11.Final
Assignee: Jozef Hartinger
Components: Proxies
Created: 27/Apr/13 4:39 AM

Weld proxy classes are not marked as synthetic, so dynamically created classes do not return true for isSynthetic(). Tested with 1.1.11.Final and 2.0.0.CR4, from what I could see it applies to both the 2.0.x and 1.1.x branches.

I just checked with 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT, and it seems the underlying org.jboss.classfilewriter.ClassFile does not provide means to mark a class as synthetic.

For further details see

4.7.6 The Synthetic Attribute

The Synthetic attribute6 is a fixed-length attribute in the attributes table of ClassFile (§4.1), field_info (§4.5), and method_info (§4.6) structures. A class member that does not appear in the source code must be marked using a Synthetic attribute.

Project: Weld
Priority: Critical Critical
Reporter: Jens Schumann
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