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the archetypes at https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-archetypes
  (e.g. "wildfly-javaee7-webapp-ear-blank-archetype") are for WildFly 8,
and when updating the WildFly version in pom.xmls, a lot of further
changes is required, see https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WFLY-9703
(which is only part of the changes).

I am interested in creating new archetypes for WildFly 15. What do you

Having someone working on these would be great! As you can see they haven't been touched for several years.

The existing ones are so out of date that I think it's reasonable to just replace them with EE 8 variants.

Note that WF 16 should be released next week, so if you want the latest that's a better target.

My plan is to name them e.g.
"wildfly15-javaee8-webapp-ear-blank-archetype" and to create a new
archetype version each time a new WildFly major version is released.

Including the WF version in the archetype name will result in a lot of archetypes over time, as WF will do a new release each quarter. WDYT about a version-less name and just tag the repo per release?

I suppose if we pruned versioned archetypes after a while the number of archetypes wouldn't get too crazy.

If you are OK with this, I will struggle with my first steps in Git, and
I probably will ask some more or less dumb questions about details ;-).

No such thing as a dumb question!

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Best regards

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