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> Hi,
>    On the last few days I've been discussing with Tomaz about the possibility to remove PL from WFLY.
>    The reasons for that are:
>        - PicketLink was deprecated in favor of Keycloak. See [1] and [2].
>        - Fixes are only being done to product version by GSS/SEG teams.
>        - Most PL IdM and Federation capabilities such as SAML (plus a plenty of other things) are now available from Keycloak.
>    I think we can still provide an installer (we already have that) that could be used to enable PL to a WFLY installation. That would help people using PL to continue with their designs. But for PL Federation and Subsystem, Keycloak should be the best way to go.
>    Any comments ?

When the provisioning infrastructure for WildFly exists we could relocate it to an optional module that is not included in the default feature pack.

As it is now though, the best we can do is just not put it in our default config, which is already the case.

We could remove it from WF11, but there are two major negatives:

1. Might break users that rely on it

​Of course it is deprecated, and this has been the case since EAP 6.4.  I wonder what PM thinks on this.  EAP 7.1, would be two releases past the deprecation.  Maybe its early, but perhaps not.
2. Since it’s necessary in EAP 7.1 we would have to add it back in again.

​Is this a hard requirement for EAP 7.1, that we continue to have the deprecated components?

It seems easier to just leave it be for now.

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