Hi everyone,

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As mentioned by Gunnar in a previous thread, we would like to upgrade Bean Validation and Hibernate Validator in WildFly 12.

I created a PR before the holidays:
(there are some test failures on Linux but I don't think they are related to the PR as the other builds are passing)

BV 2.0 and HV 6.0 are highly compatible with the previous versions: we removed a few advanced features marked as experimental as they have now been included in Bean Validation in another form, but, apart from that, the upgrade should go smoothly for the users.

We have released HV 6.0 at the beginning of August and it has matured since then (we are at 6.0.7.Final).

Our migration guide is here: https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/HibernateValidatorMigrationGuide .

Two important things to note:
- the groupId of Hibernate Validator has changed: it was org.hibernate, it is now org.hibernate.validator. I added the according banned dependencies in WildFly to be sure we don't ship both;
- in 6.0.6.Final, we reintroduced some API/configuration knobs that were removed in prior versions of 6.0. We deprecated them in 5.4 but as WildFly has never shipped 5.4, we thought it was better to keep them for 6.0 and remove them later (so that we have at least once WildFly version with the deprecation).

Apart from the new features brought by Bean Validation 2.0, we worked on reducing the memory footprint of HV and improving the performances so it would be nice to bring all that to our WildFly users.

Feedback welcome.