On 07 Jul 2014, at 16:46, Jeff Mesnil <jmesnil@redhat.com> wrote:

The description of a notification will be composed of:

* type - String - the type of notification (resource-added, server-stopped, etc.)
* description - String - i18ned description of the notification
* access-constraints - the RBAC access constraints that controls who can receive the notifications
* data-type - ModelType or complex structure - optional - only present if the notification will have a data value. data-type will detail the structure of the data value, enumerating the value's fields and the type of their value

I assume there will be default notification types provided by all resources and specific notifications types that subsystems can introduce? 

How do we get to the supported types that resources can emit? Will there be a textual description, similar to read-resource-description()

Regards, Heiko