Thanks Jean Francois :-) The EAP quickstart I am currently trying to spin up is `cmt`

On Tue, 2022-01-25 at 17:16 +0100, Jean Francois Denise wrote:
WILDFLY_SERVER_CONFIGURATION should be used. I think you ran into a typo
in the README.
Just curious, what is the quickstart you are trying with openshift that
requires standalone-full.xml?

On 1/25/22 4:12 PM, Manuel Finelli wrote:
Hi Experts,

I had a couple of tries with OpenShift and WildFly to spin up a simple application (the EAP quickstart `cmt`). I installed `crc` [1] to run OpenShift locally and `oc` [2] to control it.

What I tried so far:
* Employ wildfly-centos7 [3] directly and then spin up a new-app with the command `oc new-app --context-dir=cmt --env SERVER_CONFIGURATION=standalone-full.xml`
* Build the WFLY image from "scratch" and then spin up a new-app with the env variable `--env SERVER_CONFIGURATION=standalone-full.xml`...more or less what it is suggested in [4] but adding the env variable, i.e. `oc new-app wildfly-quickstart/cmt -e SERVER_CONFIGURATION=standalone-full.xml` (where wildfly-quickstart is the OpenShift project I am using)

In both cases, I get very close to success but what does not work is `--env SERVER_CONFIGURATION=standalone-full.xml`. My WildFly server gets set up with standalone.xml, which is not enough for my quickstart.
As a side note, I can see `SERVER_CONFIGURATION=standalone-full.xml` among the environment variables of the WFLY pod. I also ran a couple of experiments playing with JAVA_OPTS_APPEND (e.g. `JAVA_OPTS_APPEND=-Djboss.server.default.config=standalone-full.xml`) but it did not help.

So my questions would be:
* Is there a different way to pass env variables when applications are created? If that is the case, would it be worth mentioning it here [5]?
* Have I missed something else?

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