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I’ve been conversing with Stuart seeking a solution for this problem but without any luck. We’ve gotten as far as figuring out that the activity timer *should* reset when you do a get/set of attributes on the session, but so far I am not seeing that happen. Normally submitted actions from the browser reset the activity timer and session timeout happens as expected, but if all the actions on a given page are executed using jQuery / ajax to call the actions then it does not. The result is that your session gets axed while you are in the middle of active work.


All of this seems to be linked to some difference in how the action requests are processed between browser submits and ajax calls, but I am not finding the missing key.


If anyone else has thoughts about what piece I am missing to the puzzle I would be very happy to hear them.


Thanks in advance for your time in helping me with this.


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It will only count as an event if something calls getSession(). If say you just request a static file or some other resource that does not use the session then it will not reset the session timeout.


If you want to change this behaviour you could just write a filter that calls getSession(false) on every request.




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Hello All,

This may not be exactly the right forum / audience to ask this question, and if so please accept my apologies in advance. That being said, I need to understand what actions or events inside of Wildfly / Undertow are recognized as valid activity relating to the session timeout. I’m battling some issues in a web application where a user is doing legitimate actions via ajax that are being processed through wildfly, but they still end up getting their session terminated even though they are legitimately active. Is it a limited class or category of session event that is recognized as activity, which should result in resetting the timer for the session timeout?


Does anyone know, or can you point me to the information that explains it?


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