During WildFly 15 and WildFly 16 I am looking at the next stages for credential store development based on a few feature requests we have not handled yet.

We are at the stage where this development is likely to affect multiple areas of the application server, additionally we need to consider these requests as a set so we don't take a decision for one that prevents us working on the remainder.

I have put together a blog post describing some of the general issues we want to look into: -


Some of these changes will have an impact on any subsystem currently referencing the credential store.

Other changes we will need to decide if the solution lies within WildFly Elytron, the management tier of the server, or the admin tools - or possibly a combination of all three.

I am also going to share this link in the community forums to try and obtain some additional feedback from end users.

Darran Lofthouse.