There are no, up front known issues with maven 3.5,

there are few issues they fixed that will come on handy for us.

But moving WildFly build to require 3.5, is bit to early to say.
It at least needs some ground testing before we move to that.

As about your two questions.

1) maven resolver is just re-branded name aether project with some extra fixes on top of it.
project has moved back to maven umbrella from eclipse one which is a good thing as fixes can be more rapid.

2) we don't use ejb3 packaging, quickstarts use maven-ejb-plugin but that is still there and fine.

My suggestion would be that developers on the team move to maven 3.5 as soon as convenient,
and if no major problems are found after a while of usage we can start discussing about requiring it.

In similar fashion we can start testing / moving to 3.5 on CI as well.



On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 10:50 AM, Peter Palaga <> wrote:
Hi *,

as you may have noticed, Maven 3.5.0 has been released recently.

While having a colored console output is nice `mvn clean install
-DskipTests` works, are there any issues/reasons known already why Maven
3.5.0 should not be used for building WildFly & Co.?

Going through the relnotes [1] I found two potential sources of issues:

(1) Replaced Eclipse Aether with Maven Resolver - this will perhaps
change the resolution in some cases.

(2) Removed the artifact handler for ejb3 - do we use ejb3 packaging in
our code at all?



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