Next week is the planned release for WildFly 26.0.0.Final, with the freeze for changes coming in via core planned for this Friday, Dec 10.

But, since people will be starting to head off for year end vacations starting next week, I'd like to get as much as possible done this week. Specifically I'd like to have all PRs meant for WF 26 (including those that come in via WF Core) ready for merge by early afternoon 
*this Thursday, Dec 9*. We can then get WF Core 18 released and merged during the EMEA workday Friday, and then wrap up merging to full WildFly on Friday. That will let us spend the time until the planned Wed Dec 15 WF 26 Final tag chasing down any unexpected problems.

If you have something you really need to get into WF 26, please get your PR in a state where it's ready for merge; get tests passing and get any code reviews done. 

If you're working on something where this is problematic, please let me know ASAP.

Brian Stansberry
Project Lead, WildFly