Hi Arjan,

Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but I'm stuck on debugging some difficult behaviour with remoting connections in Wildfly and need to debug/step through the application server.

In this old post of yours, you indicated that you've already needed all the server dependencies for debugging purposes.  Do you remember what you used/needed to import/include them all easily/automatically?  Is there a simple way to add something to my pom.xml to have the full sources available for debugging?



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On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 9:26 PM, Tomaž Cerar <tomaz.cerar@gmail.com> wrote:

I doubt you actually need widfly server dependencies but only EE with friends ones.

In many cases somewhat more advanced developers actually want all the server dependencies. This is absolutely crucial for debugging. I've needed this many times over in my role as app developer.

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From: Eric B
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Subject: [wildfly-dev] Is there a single maven BOM artifact I can use toget/build the entire wildfly ee server?


I'm trying to debug some code, and I am often hitting classes in Wildfly/Undertow/etc in my stack that I don't have the source code for.


I'd love to be able to add a dependency in my pom.xml so that Eclipse will automatically d/l the sources from maven central for me and add them to my debugger.  I'm looking for an artifact that I'd be able to list something like:











That would then download all the sources for me, and I'd be in business.


Is there something like this BOM available for wildfly?






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