Time continues to fly by! We're hard at work on WildFly 22 and next thing we know it will be time to release it.

Here are the key dates:

Friday Dec 4 -- Feature freeze for features coming in via WildFly Core. PRs must be in a mergeable state early in the European work day.

Wed Dec 9 -- Feature freeze for features coming in via main WildFly. PRs must be in a mergeable state at the start of the European work day.

Thur Dec 10 -- WildFly 22.0.0.Beta1

Mon, Jan 11 -- All changes for WildFly 22 should be in mergeable state

Wed Jan 13/Thur Jan 14 -- WildFly 22.0.0.Final tagged and made available for download.

Note the longer than normal gap between the Beta and Final. This is due to the expectation that many people will not be working in late December and early January. Please plan your work accordingly. Try and get things done as soon as possible after the Beta.

Best regards,