Thanks for driving this, Jeff. I expect the biggest hassle will be CI, although hopefully there aren't too many places where the branch name is configured. That kind of thing is mostly inherited from shared configuration bits.

Semi-hijack of your thread -- we should do the same for main WildFly fairly early in the WF 25 dev cycle. But I'm going to be away for a bit after the 24 Final release so I can't say quite when we'll get that organized. 

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 3:43 AM Jean-Frederic Mesnil <> wrote:

We have now released WildFly Core 16.0.0.Final for the upcoming release of WildFly 24 and will start development of WildFly Core 17.

We’ll take the opportunity to be early in the development cycle to change the default branch for wildfly/wildfly-core project from “master" to “main".

GitHub has some instructions that should help with the move: It should work transparently at the project level and each contributor will just need to update their local environment.

We also need to update all the CI scripts we are using to test WildFly Core.

Once the switch is done, I’ll send another mail to inform each contributor with the steps to update their local environment.

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Jeff Mesnil
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