This looks really fishy.
Given that I use windows as primary OS and we do test extensivly wildfly on windows build agents.
Problems like this never showed up before.
I would be almost certain that the problem has to be related to your enviroment.

For example I run Windows 8 64bit with SSD and also tested on Win7 with SSD and there was no problem at all.
on build server we test on Windows Server 2008r2 (same kernel as Windows7) and on Windows Server 2012(same kernel as windows 8)

And there was never anything similar to be found.
I would rule it out to your hardware/software setup,
Maybe some bad driver, or faulty raid controller, btw do you use SW or HW raid?


On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 7:35 PM, Brian Stansberry <> wrote:
On 6/3/13 11:17 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
> Not anymore.

Ok, no problem.

> Anything that required mkdir() calls was failing with
> directory not found errors.
> Again, the 10 millisecond delay fixed the problem.

Sure, but it's nice to understand the problem. But analyzing the code I
see that the "Home directory does not exist" message can only come from
the same thread that did the mkdir(), which tells me what I wanted to know.

> On 6/3/2013 12:09 PM, Brian Stansberry wrote:
>> Do you have test output from the failures?
>> On 6/3/13 9:08 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
>>> I'm getting random "Home directory does not exist" errors when building
>>> the core-model-tests.  The thing is, its random.  4-5 times it fails,
>>> 1-5 times it succeeds.
>>> So, I put a 10 millisecond delay after any mkdir() call in
>>> TestModelControllerService and it seemed to solve the problem.  Dont'
>>> know if its my machine, Windblows or what.  Maybe just a race condition
>>> between JVM and the OS's file controller.

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