We're coming to the end of development on WildFly 21 so I wanted to let you know the key dates:

Code freeze (excluding docs): Friday, October 2
Code freeze (docs): Tuesday, October 6
Final release in wildfly.org: Thursday, October 8

By the Oct 2 code freeze, PRs for any changes meant for WF 21 should be up, with an approved review and acceptable CI results. Note that this is several days earlier than the freeze has been for previous releases. We want to cut down on the number of last minute changes.

The freeze for changes to both wildfly-core and wildfly are the same day. If you have a fix for full that requires a fix for full, normal CI won't test the combination, so please be sure you've done so manually. Don't wait until the last minute.

There's a bit later freeze for changes solely in the docs module (https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly/tree/master/docs). We want to spend some time on docs related to bootable jar and Galleon layers, and since changes there won't risk introducing problems in the runtime code it's ok to accept changes for a bit longer.

Best regards,