Maven plugin upgrade done in my git branch. Go ahead if you want to work on any of these quickstarts.

On 10 Feb 2014, at 17:30, Eduardo Martins <> wrote:

I have to upgrade the maven plugin that handles deployments, anyone considering to have a look at the ones not 100% working please contact me first.

On 10 Feb 2014, at 16:12, Eduardo Martins <> wrote:

During the weekend I was able to complete first round of tests and fixes of the quickstarts, here is my feedback about it:

Quickstarts 100% working (60):

* bean-validation
* bmt
* carmart
* carmart-tx
* cdi-add-interceptor-binding
* cdi-alternative
* cdi-injection
* cdi-portable-extension
* cdi-veto
* cmt
* deltaspike-authorization
* deltaspike-beanbuilder
* deltaspike-beanmanagerprovider
* deltaspike-deactivatable
* deltaspike-exception-handling
* deltaspike-projectstage
* ejb-in-ear
* ejb-in-war
* ejb-remote
* ejb-security
* ejb-throws-exception
* greeter
* greeter-spring
* helloworld
* helloworld-gwt
* helloworld-html5
* helloworld-jdg
* helloworld-mdb
* helloworld-rf
* helloworld-rs
* helloworld-singleton
* helloworld-ws
* hibernate4
* inter-app
* jax-rs-client
* jta-crash-rec
* jts-distributed-crash-rec
* kitchensink
* kitchensink-angularjs
* kitchensink-deltaspike
* kitchensink-html5-mobile
* kitchensink-jsp
* kitchensink-ml
* kitchensink-ml-ear
* log4j
* logging-tools
* numberguess
* picketlink-authentication-idm-jsf
* picketlink-authentication-jsf
* servlet-filterlistener
* servlet-security
* tasks
* temperature-converter
* wicket-ear
* wicket-war
* wsat-simple
* wsba-coordinator-completion-simple
* wsba-participant-completion-simple
* xml-dom4j
* xml-jaxp

Quickstarts working but with some unexpected exceptions/errors (8):

* cluster-ha-singleton (EJB, HASingleton, JNDI)
  - exception on stop, see
  - exception on undeploy, see
* ejb-asynchronous (EJB)
  - exception after client completes, see

* jts (JTA, EJB)
  - when running the cli script remove-its-transactions.cli an exception is seen in the server console log, see

* kitchensink-ear (JSF, CDI, EJB, JPA, Bean Validation)
  - exception on undeploy, see

* mail (JavaMail, JSF, CDI)
  - exception on undeploy, see

* payment-cdi-event (CDI)
  - exception on redeploy after making sales on the app, see

* richfaces-validation (RichFaces, JSF and Bean Validation)
  - works but writing on app's text boxes throw exception, see

* servlet-async (Servlet, CDI, EJB)
  - exception on undeploy, see

Quickstarts not working at all (11):

* deltaspike-helloworld-jms (JMS, CDI, DeltaSpike)
  - fails to send mms msg, see

* ejb-security-interceptors (EJB, Security)
  - mvn exec:exec fails
  - exception on server see
  - exception on client see 

* ejb-security-plus (EJB, Security)
  - mvn:exec:exec fails, see 

* helloworld-errai (Errai, JAX-RS, GWT)
  - exception on deploy, see

* helloworld-jms (JMS)
  - mvn clean compile exec:java fails, see

* hibernate3 (JSF)
  - deploy fails, see

* kitchensink-rf (CDI, JSF, JPA, EJB, JPA, JAX-RS, BV)
  - deploy fails, see

* picketlink-authorization-idm-jpa (CDI, PicketLink)
  - fails to deploy, see

* shopping cart (EJB)
  - exception when running client, see

* tasks-jsf (JSF, JPA)
  - exceptions when using the app, see

*  tasks-rs (JPA, JAX-RS)
  - deploy fails, see

Quickstarts not tested due to dependencies on JBoss products or something else (6):

* forge-from-scratch
  - needs JBoss Forge

* helloworld-osgi
  - osgi not included in WFLY 8

* hotrod
  - needs JDG

* kitchensink-cordova
  - some mobile apps(?!?) that I知 not sure how to test

* memcached-endpoint
  - needs JDG

* rest-endpoint
  - needs JDG

To try this checkout both specific branches, do "mvn install" on both, then follow instructions in each Quickstart痴


Final Words

Like I said in today痴 call, we have a big list of 100% working quickstarts already, probably more than enough as companion of WFLY 8 Final release, but some of the ones that do not work partially or completely kind of worry me, so I知 going to retry the ones which failed with current WildFly sources in master branch. In case the errors persist I will contact related core team members and start digging.

By the way, the Hibernate 3 one, do we need to worry with this or should I simply remove it right away?

With respect to the ones not worked out, I don稚 think it makes any sense to use WFLY with other JBoss comercial products, perhaps a change to related community projects should be done later...

There is a final pass of fixes in the files, since during tests I noted there are still a lot of references to EAP 6, but that is not relevant to the WFLY 8 code release.

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