I have send PR removing jmx subsystem from core https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-core/pull/57

but to send PR for inclusion to full WildFly repo new release of core is needed as jmx subsystem is using new transformers API we have in core.


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    Does logging belong in web then then? Still seems like something that
    even the uber-minimalists would want. I ask because it bugs me that we
    have two meanings now for "core" -- the old "core" notion that was the
    true core with zero subsystems, and now this new wildfly-core dist,
    which has subsystems.

Core *current* comes with following subsystems:
- logging
- jmx (on the way out)
- deployment-scanner
- remoting
- io (because of remoting)

I agree that jmx needs to go out,
deployment scanner needs to stay.
And remoting is needed to make cli & alike work...

Remoting and io libs are needed, but not the subsystems themselves.

But, we've discussed some having the current <management> stuff becoming subsystems once we have proper HC extensions/subsystems, so at that point there *will be* subsystems needed for core.

Seems my concern about two meanings of "core" won't matter at that point anyway.


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