Unfortunately it is needed.

At least at this point of the project.
I tired hard not to have it back when I was doing just separate core build.

Current dependency tree for it includes:

- wildfly-server
- wildfly-system-jmx

+ arquillian, but that is not a problem anymore given that we moved it out of core and it is not required anymore.

But probably we can revisit that and try to remove it now that there is no need for arq anymore in core.
Big chunk of core testsuite will need to be updated to not use jmx subsystem anymore.

Darren, can you create jira for this and assign it to me? I will take look.


On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 12:47 PM, Darran Lofthouse <darran.lofthouse@jboss.com> wrote:
Working with the split repo just questioning if JMX is really needed in

Whilst most distributions would include it I am not convinced it is a
subsystem all must have.

Darran Lofthouse.
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