Basic concept sounds good to me.

Can it handle a bunch of static (i.e. already generated) content?

I'm thinking of

1) old stuff (i.e. if we don't want to break all the existing URLs). I guess it can regenerate from tags, but that misses some cases where we tweaked things after the tag.

2) wildscribe

On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 3:24 AM Jean-Frederic Mesnil <> wrote:

With WildFly 24 almost out, now might be a good time to revisit our community documentation at

We are lacking a Cloud-oriented guide that describes how to build and deploy WildFly applications on Kubernetes. We have a whole ecosystem around this (operator, helm charts, S2I images, Bootable Jar + JKube) but the documentation is spread around all these smaller projects and we don’t have something that gives the high-level picture.

I would like to provide a “Getting Started on the Cloud” guide to fill that gap.

However I’m not sure where we could write this guide. I don’t think it belongs to

So another related thing I would like is to evaluate using to manage our community documentation at

This documentation site generator is able to aggregate documentation across multiple repositories and provide versioned documentation.

It is used by Smallrye for their docs:

As you can see each individual projects maintains its documentation but they are all aggregated in a single place.

There is also the ability to access different version of the documentation:

I’m envisioning to restructure our community documentation with something like: (generated by Antora)>
+- WildFly (from docs)
+- Galleon (from
+- Bootable Jar (from
+- WildFly on the Cloud
| |
| +- Getting started Guide (from I don’t know where)
| |
| +- WildFly S2I (from
| |
| +- WildFly Operator (from
| |
| +- Helm Chart for WildFly (from
+- Other WildFly-related documentation/guide (e.g Elytron, Clustering)

The advantage of that approach is that each project manages its doc individually and do not have to a kind of Big Bang release when we deliver WildFly releases.
We still have to provide some consistency though.

We could also have a dedicated section for task-oriented guides:

* Connect to Keycloak on Kubernetes
* Clustering Guide for the Cloud
* Integrated with Apache Kafka
* ...

It’s not clear to me how these guides relates to our quickstarts though…

What do you think? Is this something worth investigating?


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