Hey guys,

As initial work on trimming our IO usage by testsuite and build,
I've send https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-core/pull/2880
which changes wildfly-core to never produce "inflated" build/distro with jars present.
But rather uses thin server provisioning (module.xml entries point to maven GAV)

As part of this work, "dist" folder is now used for just that, for distribution and noting else.
So unless build is invoked with -Drelease which is something that is done as part of release process, "dist" folder will be empty and wont produce anything.

Sever for testing is still present in "build" directory as it always was.

This was done to reduce unnecessary IO work and producing multiple server builds without need for them.

I am sending this mail mostly as FYI that further work on this is going to happen, in core and in full, and such changes might clash with some poeple's workflows, where they are used to expect server dist to be in "dist" folder but it is not there yet.