So looking at the code I am not sure if this is possible to adapt to Elytron without an API change on the Weld side of things.

This issue is in the Weld SecurityContext, which just as associate and disassociate methods, while elytron uses a more functional approach.

I think this API needs to be change so SecurityContext just has a run(PrivilidgedExceptionAction action) method, where the implementation would look something like:


Not sure how hard to do this will be from the Weld side and I am not sure how this method is actually used.


On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 10:32 PM, Matej Novotny <> wrote:

recently I decided, that Weld 3 (CDI 2.0, currently nearing Final at high speed) should be running on WildFly 11.
Up until now, we had the integration based on 10.1.0.Final but for several reasons we want to move to 11.

There were some changes and I figured out most of them but I am lost when it comes to security.
I know Elytron was added but I don't know a damn thing about it - could anyone lend a hand here, please?

The code is now located at this branch[1] and the very last commit shows the integration done.
Vast majority is just taken from previous integration with 10.1.0.Final (branch 10.1.0.Final-weld3).
The part I am concerned about is weld/subsystem/src/main/java/org/jboss/as/weld/services/bootstrap/ [2]
'getPrincipal'[3] method was earlier adapted to Elytron, and I am thinking the other methods should perhaps be adjusted as well?
But then again, I have no idea how to do that with Elytron... a penny for your thoughts?


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