My name is Chris. I'm a Java developer with over 10 years of commercial experience (and more as a hobbyist) and I was recently looking for an open-source project to contribute to so I can give something back to the community--and since I frequently use jBoss I thought Wildfly just might be the thing. I've worked my way through the "Hacking on Wildfly" page and thought that WFLY-717 (Add ability to launch H2 console...) might be a good place to start. So I started poking around looking for where I might add such a link and can't seem to work out how the "App.html" page is built in the admin console. Is there documentation that I've missed that would walk me through this process?

Additionally, I thought that the "home" section might be a good place to add such a link, since the other panels all seem to contain Wildfly specific functionality. Or...perhaps I could add a new panel (H2 or even Utilities) and add the link there...thoughts?

Thank you in advance...and I'm looking forward to giving back to this great tool that I've used many times in the past!