Is there any reason why we can't update to the latest version of Javassist? I know this does not prevent similar issues in future, but we should probably be using the most recent version if there is no reason not to.

My issue with is that in general we should not be using export="true", as it makes it impossible to exclude the dependency using jboss-deployment-structure.xml. As a result I don't really see how this PR is an improvement, as it goes from the javassist deployment being added directly to the deployment to it being added indirectly via an export.


On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 11:03 PM, Sanne Grinovero <> wrote:
Hi all,

Scott sent a nice PR to Wildfly a while back to fix the problem:

It wasn't merged, I guess it's not a priority for WildFly but let me
clarify that without such fixes it's impossible for people to use
newer versions of Hibernate ORM on WildFly, and I suspect lots of pain
as well for other libraries using Javassist.

There's quite some people in the Hibernate community who expressed
interest in using a not-so-stale version as the one which is typically
available in the latest stable release of WildFly.

To make this happen, all Hibernate projects are now publishing
"WildFly modules" which can be easily downloaded as additional drop-in
Granted these are not for everyone but we get good feedback from the
power users interested, and not least this allows us to develop all
our projects while regularly testing integration with WildFly, making
sure that the eventual integration goes smoother.

The current problem is that the WildFly JPADependencyProcessor adds
the wrong version of javassist to the deployments, and there's no way
for us to prevent this or override this, making it impossible to use a
recent version of Hibernate ORM as it requires a newer version.

We'd highly appreciate if that PR could be merged? Including on
product branches please, as enforcing a dependency which is neither
needed nor desired is going to break a long list of other frameworks
as well.

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