Hello Guys,

I've been noticing the following issues in my ear application server in JBoss AS.

Version : JBoss AS 7.1.1-Final

1) Serialization is happening when using local view of an ejb. Is that possible?
2) Cdi/weld injection (using @Inject) of ejb within a ear module : local or remote proxy view? what's expected?
3) How to configure the preference (local or remote) of injection for each deployment?

I just printed the instance of the injected bean in the log to differentiate its nature.
1) Local instance  => "Proxy for view class: com.xxx.yy.core.service.SampleService of EJB: SampleServiceImpl"
2) Remote instance => "Proxy for remote EJB StatelessEJBLocator{appName='sample', moduleName='core', distinctName='', beanName='SampleServiceImpl', view='interface com.xxx.yy.core.service.SampleServiceRemote'}"

Is my above assumption correct?

Sample code (another issue) is in the stackoverflow : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28229336/injecting-ejb-bean-using-cdi

I wanted to avoid the unnecessary serialization happening within a module. I can't disable the jboss serialization, because I've an another ear module which communicates using the remote view (pass by value).

I also tried to debug/understand the jboss source code but i couldn't, because there are lot of missing parts. Since It has many modules hosted in different places, not easy to setup and debug for new developer. Is there a guide or wiki which talks about how the jboss/wildfly works internally. It would be helpful if someone shares that links (other than HackingOnWildfly/HackingAS7usingEclipse wiki's).