Possibly relevant stuff:

Also, ages ago when I was first prototyping capabilities, I played a bit with the transaction subsystem and IIOP because those two have an interesting relationship. I have an old branch from that where I identified a couple attributes that might fit this general area:

That branch is way out of date, so don't try to do anything with it other than read it as a pointer to something to investigate.

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 3:39 AM, Emmanuel Hugonnet <ehugonne@redhat.com> wrote:
Working on messaging clustering integration i wanted to require a static capability from clustering if an attribute was defined. There is
nothing to express that in the current metamodel so I introduced a specific CapabilityReferenceRecorder.
I was wondering if this use-case appears in other places: like for example the jts attribute in transactions that would require the iiop
capability if defined or set to true. Then i would port this code in core so it could be used and we could express those relationships in
the metamodel and thus in Galleon for provisioning.


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