If you want boms that manage artifacts & versions for everything app developer would need.

Such as servlet / undertow / spec api / etc.


I doubt you actually need widfly server dependencies but only EE with friends ones.





From: Eric B
Sent: sobota, 14. oktober 2017 02:39
Subject: [wildfly-dev] Is there a single maven BOM artifact I can use toget/build the entire wildfly ee server?


I'm trying to debug some code, and I am often hitting classes in Wildfly/Undertow/etc in my stack that I don't have the source code for.


I'd love to be able to add a dependency in my pom.xml so that Eclipse will automatically d/l the sources from maven central for me and add them to my debugger.  I'm looking for an artifact that I'd be able to list something like:











That would then download all the sources for me, and I'd be in business.


Is there something like this BOM available for wildfly?