Hi everyone,

WildFly and WildFly Core get a lot of PRs, and some take quite a bit of time to get reviewed, tested and merged. I know that can be frustrating sometimes. Here's some info that hopefully can help.

First, if you send up a PR it's good if you know what WFLY / WFCORE component is affected. Then you can use a PR comment @ ping the component lead for that component for a review. The component leads should be the default choice for getting reviews.  You can find out the component leads from JIRA:



Second, there's a "Pull requests" stream in Zulip where you can start threads to discuss a particular PR, particularly if you don't think the discussion would be of wider interest. Wider interest items are better discussed in the main "widlfly-developers" stream.


Please note that we have a PR integration that will comment if a PR has no activity for 30 days and then close the PR if there is no activity for 90. This is to help keep the queue manageable. Such PRs can always be reopened. 

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