Hi all,

Considering that there's no objection, I'll release 8.1.0.Final Archetypes until the end of the week and promote it to Maven Central.

Please, let me know if you have any issues.


Em 8/26/14, 13:39, Rafael Benevides escreveu:
Hi all,

I added the wildfly-javaee7-webapp-*-archetype to https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-archetypes and also performed a release of them as 8.1.0.CR1 to

This will give us a chance to test it before I can promote this staged repository.

Note that these Archetypes are kept synchronized with its original quickstarts from https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart through QSTools ( http://jboss-developer.github.io/maven-qstools-plugin/ )

Once that everybody is ok, I can do a .Final release and ask it to be synched with Maven Central

Every feedback is welcome!


Em 8/26/14, 11:20, Pete Muir escreveu:
Thanks Tomaz.

I did the rename (https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-archetypes). I added the archetypes-push team, and put Rafael in it, so he can manage these archetypes.


On 26 Aug 2014, at 14:05, Tomaž Cerar <tomaz.cerar@gmail.com> wrote:

Go for it.

Sent from my PhoneFrom: Pete Muir
Sent: ‎26/‎08/‎2014 12:05
To: WildFly Dev
Cc: Rafael Benevides
Subject: [wildfly-dev] Rename wildfly/archetypes ->
wildfly/wildfly-archetypes and add archetypes for creating applications
As per subject, we would like to rename the repo to follow the normal
naming process. We would also like to add and release a couple of
archetypes for creating web-app projects for WildFly.

Any objections?
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