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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Aaa [no description available]
Aerogear-announce [no description available]
aerogear-dev AeroGear Developer Mailing List
aerogear-issues aerogear-issues List
Aerogear-users [no description available]
ajax4jsf-svn-commits ajax4jsf-svn -Commits List
Apicurio [no description available]
Apiman-dev [no description available]
Apiman-user [no description available]
arquillian-issues arquillian-issues List
Bbb [no description available]
beanvalidation-dev beanvalidation-dev List
boston Boston JBoss User Group
builds JBoss Builds List
Ccc [no description available]
cdi-dev CDI Development List
cdi-feedback cdi-feedback List
cdi-tck [no description available]
community-announce Community -Announce List
Ddd [no description available]
Diplomky [no description available]
dtf-announce dtf -Announce List
dtf-commits dtf -Commits List
dtf-dev dtf -Dev List
dtf-issues dtf -Issues List
dtf-users dtf -Users List
embjopr-commits embjopr -Commits List
embjopr-dev embjopr -Dev List
embjopr-issues embjopr -Issues List
Errai [no description available]
Errai-announce [no description available]
errai-commits errai-commits List
errai-dev errai-dev List
errai-issues errai-issues List
errai-users errai-users List
esb-announce esb -Announce List
esb-commits esb -Commits List
esb-dev esb -Dev List
esb-issues esb -Issues List
esb-users esb -Users List
exo-jcr-commits exo-jcr-commits List
forge-commits forge-commits List
forge-dev forge-dev List
forge-issues forge-issues List
forge-users forge-users List
gatein-builds gatein-builds List
gatein-commits gatein-commits List
gatein-dev gatein-dev List
gatein-issues gatein-issues List
gatein-pull-requests gatein-pull-requests List
gatein-users gatein-users List
gsoc gsoc List
gsoc_test gsoc_test List
guvnor-dev Guvnor -Dev List
guvnorsoa-dev guvnorsoa-dev List
hal-release-stream Coordinates the HAL Release Stream
hawkular-commits Commit messages from the Hawkular projects
hawkular-dev Discussions around Hawkular development
hibernate-announce Hibernate Announce List
hibernate-commits Hibernate Commits List
hibernate-dev Hibernate Dev List
hibernate-issues Hibernate Issues List
hibernate-users Hibernate Users List
hornetq-commits hornetq-commits List
hornetq-dev hornetq -Dev List
hornetq-users hornetq -Users List
Infinispan-ci [no description available]
infinispan-dev infinispan -Dev List
infinispan-issues infinispan -Issues List
jbdevstudio-users jbdevstudio-users List
Jberet-dev [no description available]
jboss-as7-dev jboss-as7-dev List
jboss-cluster-dev JBoss-Cluster -Dev List
jboss-dev-forums Developer Forums discussion archive
jboss-development development list
jboss-envers-commits jboss-envers -Commits List
jboss-identity-commits jboss-identity -Commits List
jboss-identity-issues jboss-identity -Issues List
jboss-jira JBoss JIRA notifications
jboss-l10n jboss-l10n List
jboss-maven2-commits jboss-maven2-commits List
jboss-osgi-announce jboss-osgi -Announce List
jboss-osgi-commits jboss-osgi -Commits List
jboss-osgi-dev jboss-osgi -Dev List
jboss-osgi-issues jboss-osgi -Issues List
jboss-osgi-users jboss-osgi -Users List
jboss-remoting-commits jboss-remoting -Commits List
jboss-remoting-issues JBoss-Remoting -Issues List
jboss-rpm jboss-rpm List
jboss-security-discuss jboss-security -Discuss List
jboss-security-notifications jboss-security -Notifications List
jboss-user The JBoss User main mailing list
jbosscache-announce JBoss Cache Announcement List
jbosscache-commits JBoss Cache Commits List
jbosscache-dev JBoss Cache Development List
jbosscache-issues JBoss Cache Issues List
jbosscache-users JBoss Cache Users List
jbossdeveloper jbossdeveloper List
jbossnative-commits JBossNative -Commits List
jbossreflex-commits JBossReflex -Commits List
jbosstools-announce JBoss Tools Announcement List
jbosstools-builds jbosstools -Builds List
jbosstools-cat JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testers List
jbosstools-commits JBoss Tools Commits List
jbosstools-dev JBoss Tools Development List
jbosstools-fuse-dev JBoss Fuse Eclipse Tooling related discussions
jbosstools-issues JBoss Tools Issues List
jbossts-announce JBossTS -Announce List
jbossts-commits JBossTS -Commits List
jbossts-dev JBossTS -Dev List
jbossts-issues JBossTS -Issues List
jbossts-users JBossTS -Users List
jbossweb-commits JBossWeb -Commits List
Jbossws [no description available]
jbossws-announce JBoss Web Services Announcement List
jbossws-commits JBoss Web Services Commits List
jbossws-cxf-users JBoss-CXF -Users List
jbossws-dev JBoss Web Services Development List
jbossws-issues JBoss Web Services Issues List
jbossws-metro-users JBossWS-Metro-Users List
jbossws-users JBoss Web Services Users List
jbpm-announce jbpm -Announce List
jbpm-commits Commits to jBPM version control system
jbpm-dev jbpm -Dev List
jbpm-issues jbpm -Issues List
jbpm-users jBPM users list
Jbug-leaders [no description available]
jbug-leads A public list for JBoss User Group Leads across the globe to communicate with one another about their events, sessions and coordination.
jbug-members A public list for JBoss User Group members across the globe to communicate with one another about all things JBoss.
jdcom-announce jdcom -Announce List
jdcom-commits jdcom -Commits List
jdcom-dev jdcom -Dev List
jdcom-issues jdcom -Issues List
jdcom-users jdcom -Users List
jdf-dev jdf-dev List
Jdf-issues [no description available]
jdf-users jdf-users List
jopr-dev jopr -Dev List
jopr-issues jopr -Issues List
jsfunit-dev JSFUnit -Dev List
jsr-314-open-mirror Red Hat mirror of JSR-314-OPEN
keycloak-dev keycloak-dev List
keycloak-user keycloak-user List
log2log-announce log2log -Announce List
log2log-commits log2log -Commits List
log2log-dev log2log -Dev List
log2log-users log2log -Users List
Mailman [no description available]
messaging-commits Messaging -Commits List
migration migration List
mod_cluster-dev mod_cluster -Dev List
mod_cluster-issues mod_cluster -Issues List
overlord-commits overlord -Commits List
overlord-issues overlord -Issues List
picketlink picketlink List
picketlink-commits picketlink-commits List
picketlink-issues picketlink-issues List
portal-commits SVN Commits for Portal Project
portletbridge-builds portletbridge-builds List
portletbridge-dev portletbridge-dev List
portletswap-commits PortletSwap -Commits List
resteasy RestEASY User List
resteasy-commits RestEASY Commits List
resteasy-dev RestEASY Development List
rhmessaging-commits rhmessaging -Commits List
rhmessaging-dev rhmessaging -Dev List
richfaces-builds richfaces-builds List
richfaces-dev RichFaces dev list
richfaces-issues richfaces -Issues List
richfaces-planning-issues richfaces-planning-issues List
richfaces-svn-commits richfaces-svn -Commits List
riftsaw-commits riftsaw-commits List
rules-announce Rules Announce List
rules-commits Rules Commits List
rules-dev Rules Dev List
rules-issues Rules Issues List
rules-users Rules Users List
savara-commits savara-commits List
sbs-test1 sbs-test1 List
sbs-test2 sbs-test2 List
seam-commits Seam Commit Notification List
seam-dev Seam development discussion list
seam-forums Seam forums notification list
seam-issues Seam JIRA Issue Notification List
searchisko-dev searchisko-dev List
security-dev security-dev List
shrinkwrap-issues shrinkwrap-issues List
soa-announce soa -Announce List
switchyard-dev switchyard-dev List
switchyard-issues switchyard-issues List
switchyard-users switchyard-users List
teiid-announce teiid -Announce List
teiid-commits teiid -Commits List
teiid-designer-announce teiid-designer -Announce List
teiid-designer-commits teiid-designer -Commits List
teiid-designer-dev teiid-designer -Dev List
teiid-designer-issues teiid-designer -Issues List
teiid-designer-users teiid-designer -Users List
teiid-dev teiid -Dev List
teiid-issues teiid -Issues List
teiid-users teiid -Users List
Test-keith5 Test list - delete me
tohu-users tohu-users List
uberfire-dev uberfire-dev List
uberfire-users uberfire-users List
undertow-dev undertow-dev List
weld-builds [no description available]
weld-commits Weld Commit Notification List
weld-dev Weld Development Discussion List
weld-issues Weld JIRA Issue Notification List
wildfly-dev wildfly-dev List
Windup-commits [no description available]
windup-dev Windup-dev List
Windup-users Windup general usage discussion
wise-announce wise -Announce List
wise-commits wise -Commits List
wise-dev wise -Dev List
wise-issues wise -Issues List
wise-users wise -Users List

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