[aerogear-dev] Google-play-services version inside Cordova Push Plugin

Andrea Vibelli avibelli at redhat.com
Wed Apr 30 09:27:19 EDT 2014

Hi all, 
after some searches, I finally found which version of google-play-services.jar is included inside the Cordova Push Plugin, inside src/android/libs folder.

This version comes from:

I have tested the Cordova Push Plugin (tag 0.5.0) on a Android 4.1.1 device and everything works well, then replaced google-play-services.jar inside the src/android/libs folder with the latest version of it, taken from:


and that worked also without problems.

I would ask if someone can make this test on more old devices as I do not have any (so using the latest version of google-play-services.jar inside the Cordova Push Plugin on devices prior to 4.1.1). If that works I would suggest to replace the old library inside the plugin with the latest one distributed by Google's SDK, what do you think about it?


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