[aerogear-dev] Data-sync discussions with LiveOak team

Jay Balunas jbalunas at redhat.com
Fri Aug 1 15:04:47 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Today we had a meeting to discuss data sync with members of AeroGear, LiveOak, and the ModShape projects.  This was more of a kick off meeting, than any real deep technical discussion.  I wanted to provide some high level notes and action items.  Please feel free to update and/or correct as needed :-)

LiveOak (Bolek, Ken, Matt)
AeroGear (Summers, Dan, Luke, qmx)
ModShape (Randall)

After some introductions we discussed what the various teams are focused on related to sync.  

* LiveOak has been focused on business logic hooks and sever-side JS integration.  They have been holding off on data-sync while AG are focused on it.
* Randall talked about some of the cloud based concerns and future features that may be part of data services, as well as existing tech.
* AeroGear team discussed the current POC's and efforts that we've been doing.  
** This is captured in a etherpad here: http://oksoclap.com/p/ag_sync

We discussed that it is likely important that we limit the scope of our initial efforts into data sync, and sense LiveOak is focused on data delivery, it would be a nature integration point for the AeroGear sync efforts.  

We discussed current status and next actions of the efforts:

* The team is currently focused on googles diff sync spec and approach
** We need to discuss if there are other approaches we should ?
** What are the pro/cons of these?

* How does this work with offline/security efforts from AbstractJ and Passos?
** http://aerogear-dev.1069024.n5.nabble.com/aerogear-dev-Offline-IRC-meeting-Agenda-tc8044.html#a8054
** This includes offline authentication and encryption 

* Dan, and Lukes diff-sync POC updates
** Work with Summers to get android integrated as a POC
** Work with iOS team to get that integrated as a POC

* Work with Matt and the LiveOak team on possible integration options
** Could initial POC's be based on Matt business logic interceptors?
*** Longer term we all agreed we would want something more integrated into the modules
** Develop a demo for the POC where users can configure apps and/or data to "sync"
*** As long as the clients are using the right API and the server is set to sync the data stays updated
*** Needs to work offline with reconnect as well, although behave not at first

* DataServices integration considerations
** Where/how would this work with data services? 

* API Review
** We also need to solidify on an API approach as we work through POCs
** Matt has a nice set of APIs on LiveOak side, is that something to build from?
** Are there other API approaches that might be better or adjusted to work?

* We need to get a clear sense of the requirements here, as well as go over the planned developer experience.
** This include integration points with LiveOak
** As well as, client platform specific APIs and behaviors

Priorities are always tricky though.  We're so close to having Push 1.0 released, and we have docs, testings, perf, and openshift work to complete for that.  So I think for the time being this is a secondary priority that can become more important as we move beyond Push 1.0.

As far as future meetings, conversations, etc... we are planning on cross posting between AeroGear, and LiveOak dev lists, IRC as needed, and if future meetings are needed, we'll figure it out then :-)

Again, please feel free to add details, comment, etc....

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