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Bruno Oliveira bruno at abstractj.org
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+1 looks great—

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 10:49 AM, Lukáš Fryč <lukas.fryc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Gabriel, who did a great job polishing the design of the AdminUI and
> aligning design of Account Management screen of UPS console,
> came with a proposal to change the theme color of the UPS console,
> see screens bellow:
> We could get this change to 1.0.x.
> ~ Lukas
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> Hi Lukas,
>  As we discussed in the hangout, I worked on a proposal to improve the
> visual consistency of the UPS console. What happens right now is that the
> login page is using the Keycloak style (with its font-family, colours and
> shapes from its logo), and the admin console has a blue top bar which is
> not visually related to the AeroGear logo colours.
>  I’m proposing to update the blue top bar and apply one of the logo
> colours. Also, update the login screen to use this same color and change
> the graphics to a shape related to the gears in the logo. You can see the
> proposals in the screenshots below:
>  In terms of time, it wouldn’t require much effort. I could do these
> changes in a day.
>  Thanks,
> Gabriel
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>  *Cc: *Matthias Wessendorf <matzew at redhat.com>
> Hi Gabriel,
> I think this looks great, so it is good to go from my perspective.  I
> especially like that you added the gear motif as part of the background
> fill for the Login page.  I'm just copying in Matthias so he is aware of
> this change and can just confirm that he is good with it before checking
> in.  BTW, what does the Cancel button do from the Login screen?  Is this
> needed?
> Matt
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> Subject: Style adjustments for AeroGear
> Hi Matt,
> I played a bit with the login page on that color. I believe this will make
> the project look more consistent. What do you think?
> Do you think I can implement this changes or should I get some approval
> from someone first?
> Gabriel
> ---
> Gabriel Cardoso
> User Experience Designer @ Red Hat
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> Gabriel Cardoso
> User Experience Designer @ Red Hat
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