[aerogear-dev] Unified Push Server 0.10.4 / Logging

Farah Juma fjuma at redhat.com
Mon Jul 7 10:35:11 EDT 2014

> From: "Torben" <bam at tretau.net>
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> Sent: Monday, July 7, 2014 8:30:28 AM
> Subject: [aerogear-dev] Unified Push Server 0.10.4 / Logging
> Hello all,
> I am starting to use the UPS with Version 0.10.4 on Openshift.
> - As I got into trouble receiving Messages via GCM I want to debug
> with more logging statements. Can anybody give me a hint where I can
> change the Java Util logging to a finer level at the Openshift
> installation?

Logging can be configured in the JBoss AS standalone.xml file (once you ssh into your instance, you can edit the logging subsystem configuration in $OPENSHIFT_AEROGEAR_PUSH_DIR/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml). More information about logging can be found here:


> - I use the cordova client and have another question to push
> register/unregister. In the documentation there is a statement that
> the unregister is not needed: "Note: The method is optional, since not
> all supported Push Networks recommend having a client application
> actively performing an _unregister."
> So should I just call the push.register method, without unregister, on
> each app start?
> Best regards, congratulations to the new 0.11 version!
> Torben
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