[aerogear-dev] Breaking changes in between UPS 1.1.0.Beta3 and 1.1.0.Final

Karel Piwko kpiwko at redhat.com
Mon Aug 17 03:08:42 EDT 2015

Hello All,

I'm really unhappy with number of breaking changes that has appeared in the
latest staged 1.1.0.Final - mostly these changes were related to massive DB
schema updates. I'd expect such changes to happen in Alpha phase and not in
between Beta3 and Final.

I understand that a lot of these changes have been driven by late inclusion
of migrator to 1.1 branch. That said, what is the plan with 1.1.0.Final?
Are you guys going to remove the changes or at least make sure they do not
impact users running Beta3? I've seen it has been de-staged and there have
been a few commits reverting DB changes back. Is there any estimate when
1.1.0.Final will be restaged?

QE plan is to make sure that migration from 1.0.3 is smooth, however we
also want migration from Beta3 to be smooth.

Many thanks,

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