[aerogear-dev] The Metrics RESTFUL api... some inconsistencies

Morten Oftedal morten.oftedal at adresseavisen.no
Thu Sep 22 04:36:03 EDT 2016


Currently developing an application using UPS 1.1.3 FINAL.

We are using the RESTFUL API for fetching information about sent push messages (metrics) and have noticed some inconsistencies in the data;

The total receivers number per message does not match the total receivers when adding the variant receivers together.

There seems to be some duplicate values when asking for variants. For our application, there are two variants, but the API returns anything from 2-6 different variants with some duplicate Variant IDs.

The number of receivers presented on the aerogear admin GUI seems to be an aggregate of the variants, not of the total receivers number from the message.
Attached is some metrics results with said errors.

Are the numbers representing different things is there some error in counting the number of receivers in one of the methods?

Also when sending push messages with defined user data (such as URLs) this data is not saved in the underlying database. Is this a design choice or an upcoming feature?

Best Regards
Morten Oftedal
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