[Aerogear-users] UnifiedPush Server 1.1.0-alpha.1 with Windows Push is out !

Sebastien Blanc scm.blanc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 05:16:14 EST 2014


We are happy to announce that the Unified Push Server 1.1.0-alpha.1
been released !
What is new ?

The big new feature is the support of Windows Push ! Take a look at our Windows
Push HelloWorld quickstart
 and the Windows Tutorial
<http://aerogear.org/docs/unifiedpush/aerogear-push-windows/> to help you
to get started.

Another cool feature that has been added is the Import/Export of
installations. From the admin console, you can now easily extract in JSON
format all the installations from a variant. The same way, you can import a
set of installations for a particular variant.

Besides that, a bunch of bugs have been fixed, you can check the full list

Stay tuned !

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