[Aerogear-users] notification alert in the bar in an app running in background

Alex Ballesté alexandre.balleste at udl.cat
Fri Dec 12 04:43:41 EST 2014

Hello everyone,
Maybe I'am missing something but I looked for information but I didn't 
find the response.
I'm trying to build an app with ionic that uses aerogear's phonegap 
plugin to receive push notifications. The behaviour I've observed when a 
notification arrives to an android device is:

- When app not runing:
1- Alert show in the notifications area - OK
2- On click  opens the app and the notification is processed fine -OK

- When the app is running
1- No alert message in the notifications area - OK
2- When notification arrives is processed correctly. - OK

- When the app is running but in background
1 - No alert message in the notifications area - Wrong because user 
doesn't realize that has a new message
2 - On app activation: notification is processed ok.

I would like that in the last scenario the alert could be shown in the 
notification area when the app is running in background.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance,


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