[Aerogear-users] cordova plugin on android platform not working

Kelvin Lunsford kelvin at qantel.com
Tue Aug 11 20:13:32 EDT 2015

The new plugin version uses maven repositories for some dependent libraries.  You need to add some local repositories in Eclipse.

Go to the SDK Manager (Eclipse -> Window -> Android SDK Manager) and install Extras->Android Support Repository, and Extras->Google Repository.

That will fix "android.support" and google play services problems. I'm not sure if it will fix your "org.jboss.aerogear.android" problem.

In the new plugin version the aerogear libraries (android core, pipe, and push) are listed in a dependencies.gradle file.  If the libraries do not get pulled at install or when the repositories are added you might try doing a CLI cordova build (or maybe just a prepare) to see if they get pulled.

- Kelvin

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Hello guys,

I trying to test the Aerogear push plugin for cordova with android but is not working.

this is my configuration:

1. mac os x
2. $ cordova -v
 3. cordova plugin add https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-cordova-push.git

4. I'm importing the android project to eclipse to build it there.

and I get this dependencies errors:
- The import android.support cannot be resolved
- The import org.jboss.aerogear.android cannot be resolved
[Inline image 1]

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
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