[Aerogear-users] Unclear when to use setContentAvailable()

Rob Willett rob.aerogear at robertwillett.com
Thu Dec 3 13:01:02 EST 2015


We now seem to have something approaching a stable and working UPS 
configuration. (Famous last words!) Thanks to the Aerogear team for 
helping resolve the background notifications on Android.

As we are tidying up, we noticed (ahem) that we had commented out a few 
lines in our code.

	if (event['content-available'])
	    // Still not clear what to do with this.
         // push.setContentAvailable(1);

We went back to the Aerogear docs and tried to work out what 
setContentAvailable really does and what should we do with it. The docs 
for the function call  are a little sparse, so we looked at the source 
code and we’re still no wiser.

Is there a better explanation of when we should call setContentAvailable 
and with which parameter?

Just to set the ball rolling we *think* it could mean that when you 
receive the content-available = 1 flag on iOS, we do a call to get some 
data from the server ourselves, if the the results of *our* server call 
indicate that we have received new data, we set the value to 
setContentAvailable to 1, if our function call to the server has no 
data, then we set it to zero and if something failed we set it to 2.

So what happens if the value is 0, 1 or 2? if its 2, is a new new call 
made to something, if its 0 or 1 what happens?

Apologies if we’ve missed the point of it, but we’re struggling to 
understand this.


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