[Aerogear-users] cordova push plugin.xml namespace

Kelvin Lunsford kelvin at qantel.com
Mon Jul 6 20:59:28 EDT 2015

Can someone please modify plugin.xml so the xmlns:android namespace attribute is in the top-level element as specified in the plugin.xml documentation (https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/5.1.1/plugin_ref_spec.md.html), and take the xmlns:android attributes out of the lower elements.

If the namespace is not changed problems will occur when installing the push plugin along with any other plugin containing one of the push plugins android permissions (e.g. cordova-plugin-contacts uses GET_ACCOUNTS, cordova-plugin-wakeuptimer uses WAKE_LOCK). 

Cordova CLI can deal with the same android permission used by multiple plugins but will install an invalid extra copy of a permission if it includes a xmlns:android attribute. 

The android ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission was removed by aerogear in the latest release because of AGCORDOVA-72.  The cause of the AGCORDOVA-72 problem was most likely the namespace problem.  The permission should not have been removed.

- Kelvin

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