[Aerogear-users] What's new in AeroGear?

Corinne Krych corinnekrych at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 12:09:14 EDT 2015

Android AGDroid 3.0 work continues.

   - aerogear-android-push
      - We’ve impletmented InstanceIDListener for agdroid-push in master
      - Topic messaging implementation is here :
      - Keep a lookout for a PR with this and UPS sometimes this week.
      - Someone on StackOverflow has been asking about two way messaging :

      - There’s a good discussion on topic APIs on the Mailing list :

Stuff from Summers’ mad mind

   - aerogear-android-store
      - AeroGear patterns for using ContentProviders with Store
      - Still a work in progress doesn’t even compile right now.
      - aerogear-android-plugin
         - https://github.com/secondsun/aerogear-android-plugin
         - Ultimate goal is to provide automated checks, annotation
         processing, etc for the AeroGear library in Maven and Gradle
         - Right now the code can only validate that the broadcase receiver
         for push messages is set up correctly.

iOS lovers

Moving forward in Swift2 / iOS9 adaption, aerogear-io-oauth2 has now its
“swift-2.0” branch. Note that we moved to Xcode7 beta4 Swift 2 syntax. This
week will bring companion demos repository aerogear-ios-cookbook to Swift 2
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