[Aerogear-users] Android SDK - Token not renewed when unregistering/registering

Bourillon, Matthias Matthias.Bourillon at saint-gobain.com
Thu Jul 30 06:15:48 EDT 2015

After using pull #46 from Github into my local environment, I confirm that this fixes the issue I had.
Are you going to provide any 2.2.1 jar file that we can include into our projects?


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If would can, can you test this PR against your code and confirm the issue is fixed for you?  If you don't want to build the project (and you probably don't need to) I have attached the aar for the PR to this post.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 1:48 PM, Summers Pittman <supittma at redhat.com<mailto:supittma at redhat.com>> wrote:

Hey, thanks for this we will work something out asap.  We'll let you know as soon as we get a fix in place and have a package staged for you to test.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Bourillon, Matthias <Matthias.Bourillon at saint-gobain.com<mailto:Matthias.Bourillon at saint-gobain.com>> wrote:
I have used Aerogear Android SDK (2.2.0)  in a native Android App to communicate with an Aerogear Unified Push server and to use Google Cloud Messaging.

After several tests we have identified an issue with token management :

-          register() successfully generates a token A against GCM and registration is OK on Aerogear server side

-          unregister() successfully invalidates the token A against GCM (“NotRegistered” is generated on GCM side when re-using the token) and unregistration is OK on Aerogear server side

-          when calling register() back, registration happens against Aerogear server but with token A which has been invalidated by GCM

After analyzing the SDK source code, we realized that the token is saved in Android Shared Preferences but this token is never removed from shared preferences when calling unregister()!

As a consequence, when a user unregisters/registers to a variant, the “old” token is not renewed and notification sending fails since Google has invalidated this token!

We quickfixed the AeroGearGCMPushRegistrar class by adding a following line in the unregister() method :

AeroGearGCMPushRegistrar.this.setRegistrationId(context, "");

However, I am very surprised that this issue was never seen before.
Am I using the registration/unregistration methods incorrectly? How can I force the token re-generation against GCM?


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