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Bruno Oliveira bruno at abstractj.org
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Good morning Niko, sorry about the late response. Answers inline.

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 2:06 PM, Niko - Whitebox.one <niko at whitebox.one>

>  Thanks Bruno and Erik Jan for the quick and detailed answers!
> I noticed indeed that you are using the Elliptic curves crypto of NaCl on
> iOS, which is a smart choice.
> And thanks for pointing out the timing attack (tables and cache) published
> in 2009.
> I am well aware of this kind of attack on AES and GCM when lookup tables
> are used, but since 2009, we got some improvements, on intel CPU (AES-NI)
> at least, which patches are already included in openssl (Gueron et al). But
> I agree with you that for ARM, we are a bit left behind.
> About the question if elliptic curves are safer than AES-GCM, i would say
> it is a question of trust.... ECC is way too young for me to trust it. I
> prefer plain old "modulo a prime" groups, with their caveats (longer keys,
> more cpu intensive) and their limitations (side-channel attacks) but that
> have benefited from a huge community of cryptographers, coders and
> debuggers for now 40 years.
I think we might be talking about different things here. AES-GCM is
regularly used for symmetric encryption, ECC for public key encryption.

> I believe that, if used correctly, RSA, AES, GCM, and DHE can be very
> efficient. And I am a bit afraid of the sudden euphoria for "magical"
> curves.
At least in our project, there's no euphoria, but pretty much common sense
and a technical decision. We decided to use ECC for public key encryption,
AES-GCM as our prefered choice for symmetric encryption. For platforms that
we do not have the port yet for NaCl.

> Now if we come back to our subject of interest, which is ARM and iOS, i
> would say that the situation is tricky, but we can find a solution, and I
> am interested in helping.

You are more than welcome to help.

> For ARMv7 we have NEON VMULL.P8 instructions (from iPhone 3GS and above,
> if i am not mistaken, ARM11 doesnt have VMULL.P8)
> For ARMv8 we have much more, including AES HW accel... (this is in iPhone
> 5S and above)
> You can have a look at :
> - About binary polynominal multiplication for GCM on ARMv7: "Fast Software
> Polynomial Multiplication on ARM Processors using the NEON Engine." Danilo
> Camara, Conrado P. L. Gouvea⋆, Julio Lopez and Ricardo Dahab. 2010/2013 [1]
> their code available here [2] hasn't made it into openssl (AFAIK)
> and
> - Implementing GCM on ARMv8. Conrado P. L. Gouvêa, Julio López. 2015 [3]
> Which details also the ARMv7 case, and was presented at the RSA Conference
> 2015 in the US, 2 months ago.
> The paper is here [4].
> The code is available here [5].
> In addition:
> It seems that the openssl implementation benefits from NEON in the GHASH
> (coded by Polyakov) since march 2011 [6] which means GCM timing attack is
> not possible (no lookup tables).
> Also to be checked, is the AES timing resistant bitsliced implementation
> from Bernstein and Schwabe that Bruno referred to in the linked PDF. It is
> probable that the ARM version has been integrated into openssl, but I
> haven't double checked. If it is not there, then it most probably is
> present in [5].
> So... I am quite interested in helping with having a fully secure AES-GCM
> stack on ARM, including on iOS. Let's see how to proceed, starting probably
> from [5] and then integrate it in OpenSSL? Any idea is welcomed.
My idea around the crypto libraries for AeroGear is not to be tied to any
providers; i.e OpenSSL, NaCL or CommonCrypto. Today we only support NaCL,
but the goal is to let people choose whatever they want.

> Finally, just a small comment: If AES-GCM is not as secure as ECC, then
> why are you still using it in the android implementation of your crypto
> box? (Dont get me wrong, i prefer AES-GCM over ECC!)

I feel like we're comparing apples and oranges here. GCM is the mode of
operation for symmetric encryption, ECC for public encryption, the
alternative to ECC would be RSA. Btw I didn't mean that GCM was not secure,
but NaCl was the safer option for iOS.

For Android, we decided to stick with ECC over RSA for public key
encryption and AES-GCM as our default mode of operation for symmetric
encryption. Why? We wanted to provide a simple library on top of
BouncyCastle. Also, due to the timeframe, the Java implementation of NaCl
for Android was postponed.

> Also, bouncy castle's implementation of AES-GCM is known to be slow, not
> accelerated at all (even on intel) and not even parallelized. What
> performances have you got on that?
I haven't got any performances. But if you have other alternatives to BC,
I'm open to listen. Also, if you see performance issues, let us know.

> All the best,
> Niko.
> [1] http://conradoplg.cryptoland.net/files/2010/12/mocrysen13.pdf
> [2] http://conradoplg.cryptoland.net/software/ecc-and-ae-for-arm-neon/
> [3]
> https://www.rsaconference.com/writable/presentations/file_upload/cryp-w01-secure-and-efficient-implementation-of-aes-based-cryptosystems.pdf
> [4] http://conradoplg.cryptoland.net/files/2010/12/gcm14.pdf
> [5] https://github.com/conradoplg/authenc
> [6]
> http://git.openssl.org/gitweb/?p=openssl.git;a=blob;f=crypto/modes/asm/ghash-armv4.pl;h=d91586ee2925bb695899b17bb8a7242aa3bf9150;hb=9575d1a91ad9dd6eb5c964365dfbb72dbd3d1333#l35
> On 2015-06-19 13:54, abstractj wrote:
> Good morning Niko, I hope you're doing well. Please, notice that GCM mode
> support is not a limitation of AG iOS, but a restriction from Apple.
> If the document onhttps://github.com/edewit/aerogear-crypto-cordova/blob/master/README.md
> states that GCM is support, it pretty much relates to Android. If the
> senteces are not clear enough, feel free to file a Jirahttps://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGCORDOVA.
> Answering your questions:
> - Is GCM mode for AES encryption supported on iOS aerogear crypto module
> (and the cordova plugin) ?
> No. But, we are open for suggestions. In the future we plan to make
> aerogear-ios-crypto pluggable. Into this way you're free to go with
> CommonCrypto or whatever provider you want.
> - If not, how difficult would it be to use the private API in iOS
> CommonCrypto ? I didnt try it myself, i have just been reading the code....
> I'd say, would take time and the only way I see today is plugging OpenSSL.
> The reason why NaCl was choosen, was not only the fact of CommonCrypto not
> supporting GCM, but also, because it's safer[1].
> If you feel like, that should be reconsidered. Feel free to create a feature
> request against https://issues.jboss.org/browse/agios. I hope it helps.
> [1] - https://cryptojedi.org/papers/aesbs-20090616.pdf
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