[Aerogear-users] Aerogear Unified Push registration through a server backend

Alex Ballesté alexandre.balleste at udl.cat
Mon May 18 08:12:22 EDT 2015

Hi, I'm developing a mobile app for android and ios for our University. 
It will use AeroGear Unified Push Server to send notifications to 
students when a new announcement is sent in our LMS.

We are developing the app with ionic framework and we are using the 
register and unregister process through a custom backend service instead 
of direct from device.

We use the cordova plugin and we call registers and unregister JS 
methods, but we don't point to the push server endpoint, but backend 
server instead.  Once the Backend server gets the requests it creates a 
new request to Push server providing variantSecret and variantID; the 
response received is sent back to the app.

We would like to use this flow for security reasons. We want to avoid 
that the users do their own apps and use those values to register and 
supply alias to get users notifications. So backend handles the security 
(tokens, deviceids, usernames, ... ) and if everything is ok then 
proxies then backend generates a new request fullfilling alias and real 
authentication parameters and the received parameters from app. We 
achieved the registation and unregistration, but when unregistration 
process is done if we do a new re-registration then we got a success 
response, but then notification didn't arrive.

Has anybody did something similar to this approximation? Do you have any 
advise or trick that would be useful for us?

Thanks in advance



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