[Aerogear-users] Trouble sending Android Push Notifications

Rob Willett rob.aerogear at robertwillett.com
Thu Nov 26 11:35:36 EST 2015


Well we have created and deleted variants and various Google Projects 
all with the result. No notification but no errors.

We have validated the server API key using another curl script

We have managed to write a curl script that almost works but not quite 
:) We get a MismatchSenderId error.

Grepping for this on the intertubes shows a lot of Stackoverflow 
nonsense and some stuff from Google.

What we are now wondering if the device token that we are using, that 
reported by the AeroGear UPS console is actually out of date.

When we delete the variant we create a new variant and register with 
that. The device token created and reported by the UPS console is the 
same as the old variant. We are wondering if this is incorrect and it 
should be a new device token. We’re trying to delete it but you 
can’t seem to delete it from the console and trying to delete it from 
our app calls the Javascript error function.

We’ll keep trying, but our other Android phone packed up yesterday and 
we only one left. We’re pulling out an old Samsung S3 on the off 
chance it might work :)

Any thoughts on invalid device tokens?


>> I can’t believe that we have missed a simple configuration issue on 
>> the
>> UnifiedPush server.
> Yes, strange, looks like you are doing everything the correct way
>> We’ll try and bypass the UPS console and write direct to GCM now 
>> through
>> curl or something. Do you know if the device token in the UPS console 
>> is
>> the Android token to use?
> That is good test indeed and yes the token in UPS is the one you can 
> use
> for your GCM test.
>> Thanks

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