[Aerogear-users] Push registration with cordova plugin

Alex Ballesté alexandre.balleste at udl.cat
Fri Nov 27 03:56:23 EST 2015

Hi, I'm a bit disconcerted about a behaviour of push cordova plugin.

What I'm doing is to use the "register" method to register at the 
begining of the app. The second parameter of the app is a the success 
handler function, and it's executed when response is received. That's 
fine, but later there is a point of the app that user can change the 
registration to another group of categories, and I call it the same way, 
but success method is not executed.

In the server (aerogear) the category is changed and the 200 response is 
sent. Everything seems to work ok but success method not fired. I 
remember that this behaviour didn't happen in earlier versions. Now I'm 
with the 2.0.3. I'm building for android.

Anybody seeing this behaviour too?


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