[Aerogear-users] First time installation on Windows 10

chris bristol chrisbristol at LIVE.COM
Thu Jul 14 16:12:50 EDT 2016

Hi AeroGear user community.

I have just begun the installation process and am having a difficult time of it.  I am hoping there are users that have been down this road who can offer a helpful word or two to get me started sending push notifications to may awesome app.

I have Wildfly installed and working on Windows 10 - I have other projects up and using MySQL successfully.
I have been trying to follow the installation instructions at https://aerogear.org/docs/unifiedpush/ups_userguide/index/
The steps seem to be intended for Unix users.  Some of the files, I cannot find in the bundle, like jms-setup-wildfly.cli

There also seems to be a presumption that installer us is using maven - not necessarily the case.

If you have snippets of your standalone.xml for the database and jms configuration - maybe that would be helpful.

Thanks - I'd really like to get running and using the UI for configuration.


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