[Aerogear-users] Trying to get it to work

Christopher Fahey chris at dealerrewards.net
Fri Mar 11 23:03:49 EST 2016

I have been slowly progressing through the installation and have finally 
managed to get the server running.  Of course the goal is to add push 
notification to an existing mobile app that I have built using 
Javascript and Cordova.  Then I have added all of the plugins that I 
could find into Cordova including the aerogear plugin and the 
cordova-plugin-pushplugin.  The problem I am having is that when I run 
the mobile app in cordova using "cordova run browser" the Push is 
created and before it even registers itself, it receives an error 
"Missing Command Error".  I have traced the call that fails to 
aerogear-push.js line 46:

channel.onCordovaReady.subscribe(function() {
     exec(notify, undefined, 'PushPlugin', 'messageChannel', []);

This takes it into cordova.js where it tries to pull up the PushPlugin 
from the CommandProxyMap but it hasn't been registered. I cannot think 
of what else to look for.  I have been over the instructions backwards 
and forwards but no luck.    Any suggestions on what plugin I might be 
missing?  I

	Christopher Fahey
DealerRewards, Inc.
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