[Aerogear-users] Pushmessages to the browser

ag0ny ag0ny at gmx.net
Fri Mar 18 08:51:17 EDT 2016

Hello together,

I am trying to get push messages to the most common browsers (IE,
Firefox, Chrome). The browser app is written using the Google Web Toolkit.

As a starting point I tried to get the Simplepush example up and running
using the following quickstart tutorial:


The Simplepush-server is running, but the (Javascript in the) index.html
of the simplepush-unifiedpush-example can't connect to it. I also still
have some basic questions I did not find an answer for in the tutorial
or anywhere else.

- Do have Simplepush und AeroGear UPS have to communicate with each
other? If so, how do they work together?

- Is the Simplepush-server included in the AeroGear UPS? What does the
simplePushUrl in the unifiedpush.js has to be set to?

I would be happy to be enlightened :P Thanks in advance



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